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  1. Scrap last message... I have been able (finally) to find a way to change the msconfig.exe in such a way that I have again a 'normal startup' for my windows 7..... I am now performing Windows updates. I will then perform a reinstall of Word 7 (I will try a 'repair' first). I will keep you in the loop. Many thanks again.
  2. Thank you. I performed a 'clean boot', and after the restart, restored the msconfig.exe as suggested by Microsoft. I am now unable to startup my pc 'normal startup', and can only start it in SafeMode with limited Internet... I have tried all the usual (F8, &tc). All to no avail... In the meantime, the Word 2007 continues to misbehave. Somehow, matters are now worse than yesterday... Any suggestions to repair this? Many thanks.
  3. Sorry for delay. I was away from my pc. I am grateful for your assistance! I was able to tick all the boxes in the Local Temp Security window, including 'Permissions to SYSTEM' as you suggested. Alas, the problem remains. To clarify: Now, and when the problem started, I was able to click the Windows icon, but instead of it loading, it came up with the following message: < Error 2503 . Internal error has occurred. CONTACT Microsoft Product Support Service (PSS) for assistance. For location, see: C:\\Users\ \App Data\Local\Temp\Setup 000003a0\PSS.1DR.CHM. Error 2503.C:\\Users\ \App Data\Local\Temp\Setup 0000030\PSS10R.CHM > Both locations are 'empty'... When I tried to re-instal (without uninstalling the product) and choosing < Repair > I got the same message. If I 'cancel' the message, then eventually, I can download the Windows Word programme.
  4. Thank you, Xilo. I have done this to ALL the options (Administrator already had all the boxes ticket in grey). What should I do next?
  5. Dear Xilo, Many thanks. Yes, I have all those in my first panel, and found the items in the second panel by clicking on TEMP and 'edit', and it showed up. Ditto with TMP. What should I do next?
  6. My Microsoft Office Word 2007 is playing up. It produces a message "Error 2503 Internal error has occurred". I alsdo get this message when I try to either 'repair' or reinstall the programme... Please help... URGENT...
  7. Dear Xilo, Many thanks for this. I have reset my UAC to 'maximum' and will use 'standard account' as suggested. I will keep an eye on this, especially if Google Chrome returns... I am sure that your advice will be able to solve my predicament. Best wishes, brabo1098
  8. How can I prevent interfering and patronising Google Chrome from installing on my pc with monotonous regularity?
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