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  1. I've lost "EVERYTHING" after trying out this software(Wise Folder Hider)...omg...my family pictures, vacation pictures, my deceased mothers pictures, videos of my daughter as an infant. There has to be a way to get these things back. I only password protected the folders, then went to see if they were protected, and the folders were empty, EVERYTHING GONE...smh...PLEASE tell me there's a way to get these things back. Even my favorites are gone, and I have no idea how that happen, I just know I tried to password protect my a few folders, now everything is GONE. Also, one of my folders I password protected, it's now telling me: *When I try to "open" the folder it says: The following folder/file can't be unhidden. *When I try to "unhide" it, it literally shows this message: The following folder/file can't be unhidden: Pictures Error Message: Access is denied. Can I system restore, to get all the things I had before downloading your software, then undo system restore to get back the documents I made for work after downloading your software, PLEASURE TELL ME MY PICTURES, VIDEOS, AND DOCUMENTS aren't lost forever, there has to be some way to restore what I had before downloading your software, and after I downloaded it. PLEASEL HELP!!! PS. I just want everything back to the way it was before I downloaded the this software...smh. PLEASE HELP!!
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