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  1. Programs trying to read or write to the same memory range or a bug in the software coding that needs to be address (fixed).
  2. I've noticed that Wise Cleaner 8 doesn't have these issues nor that it drops anything in tray like WiseCare 365 does.
  3. tipstir

    Request Wise Care 365 ICO

    *.ico I need that to assign to the WiseCare365.exe skin.ico in that root folder is what I am using now. Odd issue that ico build cache doesn't see the short cut to the WiseCare365.exe after it's moved into a PC Cleaner folder than move back. My ICO Cache is much larger today. Yes two your question desktop ico is not be displayed from the compressed WiseCare365.exe.
  4. Last 3 on the list are more common since everyone has home router and attached more than one 1 PC too on the network side. That rest are more widely used. There is one more under apps called Sun Java part of Java should be noted that highly used if your going to run flash applets like facebook games or any flash streaming like you tube.
  5. Okay, I'll do this from the tablet then and post it here! Thanks
  6. tipstir

    Request HDD Optimizer for Wise Care 365

    Hopefully these can be added in a future version. Thanks
  7. Here are a few things I don't see in the most current version of Wise Care 365 V3.2.5. 1. Optimize MFT 2. Chkdsk (Check Disk for Errors) Thanks in Advance!
  8. Any chance we could get Touch Screen Version since I also run this on Windows 8.1 dual core 64-bit tablet. Thanks in advance.
  9. Some features always seem to be not set to default. These should be the default and already check. The attached shows you what I mean. Even with V3.2.3 thru V3.2.5 it's always the same. Either the wont stick or by default you have it setup that way to be unchecked. Also Sun Java should be check I use it but it's always unchecked. Should be also address too. Thanks in advance.
  10. I posted the error I got when upon running Wise Care 365 V3.2.4 to get the V3.2.5 update. I had to run this several times to get rid of this Error Dialog.
  11. tipstir

    Request Wise Care 365 ICO

    Hello I need Wise Care 365 ICO, where as when I move the shortcut off my desktop into a folder then return it I get the default program one. I know ICON Cache is double the size instead of the default size. So right now I am using a few in the Wise folder you have right now. I am sure you have Wise Care 365 ICO you could post. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have both OS running Wise one updates 7 and the 8 doesn't do it unless 7 updates.
  13. Why is this still running in the background. I exit out of online game and sure enough (wisetray.exe) is still active!! I have shutdown the Wise.exe and close the wisetray.exe and sure enough guess what it turns itself right back on sitting in my system tray.There is no need for wisetray.exe to be running while in any task I am doing. I don't have it schedule for run task. wise-tray-kill-task.cmd taskkill /f /im wisetray.exe I use the taskill command to kill things that seem to have a programmed mind of it's own. Unnecessary to have wisetray.exe still running after I shutdown and exit wisetray.exe in system tray. Why does this need to running in the background? I've just check and sure enough wisetray.exe just pop in back into to system tray then pop out of it on it's own.
  14. I did some checking when Paint.net 3.51 was installed on Windows 8.1 a while back. There was update to Paint.net 4.0.0, then 4.0.1, then 4.0.2 and 4.0.3. But looking at both Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems there a difference. But still the newer version was overlapped 3.5.1. So it seems all this time 3.5.1 with 4.0.3 update. So when Wise Care 365 Pro 3.2.3 did it's PC Health Scan something got corrupted in registry or like the photo's have shown the app was missing files. So now I've correct the issue and this should be a problem again, but if anyone still has Paint.net 3.5.1 on their system and they did a update on Windows 8.1 for that program. And runs this version of wise might run into the same issue.
  15. tipstir

    CPU Core, Min/Max Error

    Well not my opinion it's the facts of the CPU is really labeled as APU handling both CPU and GPU on SoC. It's a 4 core, 2 compute, and 4 threads, the issue is that Windows is seeing it as 2 core because it's not reading the 4 cores. The APU in running 4 cores, 2 computes and 4 threads. Now I have two systems here using APU here. One is dual core and this one quad core. What I had found out is that dual core shows 2 cores 0 compute and 2 threads. So Windows and Wise is only picking up the 2 computes and not picking up the 4 cores, it's reading the 2 computes as the cores. As you know 4 integer cores so it is a quad core cpu. it has 2 core modules for computing, it has 4 separate integer cores. But Windows is processor as 2 physical and 4 logical is for the purposes of thread dispatch to each core. When possible, it is more practical to dispatch threads to each module first, then to the separate cores on those modules, as there is less contention for shared resources. APU was produce after Windows 7 was release so unless Microsoft WEI (Windows Experience Index) but with newer programs like CPU-Z and Speccy show the correct number of cores. Anyway hey good to learn why things don't show the correct cores. This ends this now.. Take care..