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  1. geogeo.gr

    Wise JetSearch - Greek translation

    Greek translation update to v3.01 WJS_greek.zip
  2. geogeo.gr

    Wise Force Deleter - Translation

    Greek translation update to Wise Force Deleter - 1.47.x WiseForceDeleter_greek.zip
  3. geogeo.gr

    Translation Wise Anti-Malware

    Greek translation update to Wise Anti-Malware 2.1.2 WAM_greek.zip
  4. Update Greek translation to WDC 2.3.301 WiseDriverCare_greek.zip
  5. Greek translation to Wise Anti-Malware 2.1.1 WAM_greek.zip
  6. Greek translation to WVD v2.22.63 WVC_greek.zip
  7. geogeo.gr

    Greek language

    Update Greek translation to Wise Care 365 v4.72 WiseCare365_greek.zip
  8. Update Greek translation to WDF 1.21 WDF_greek.zip
  9. Update Greek translation to WDC 2.1.720 WDC_greek.zip
  10. 1. Can you give more space to the menus, because the Greek language has long words? 2. In phrases that are cut in various dialog boxes, when the mouse passes over it doesn't show the whole phrase. 3. In the phrase "Install the OS with Ghost or over-clean the system will make the driver fail to install..." what exactly means the "over-clean"? 4. Hardwares report does not write correctly the Greek. In picture seems to be and how it should be.
  11. Greek translation update to WFH Pro 4.14 WFH_greek.zip
  12. Greek translation update to WDF 1.21 WDF_greek.zip
  13. geogeo.gr

    Wise Hotkey translation

    Greek translation update to WHK 1.18 WHK_greek.zip
  14. Greek translation update to Wise Program Uninstaller v1.98 WPU_greek.zip
  15. Update Greek translation to WAS 1.55 WAS_greek.zip