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  1. Wise_EPL

    Advanced Cleaner Issue

    Most of the objects in the Advanced Cleaner selection keep getting deleted. When I put them back in, they still keep getting deleted. Can you people fix this please? This: Becomes this:
  2. Wise_EPL

    URGENT, Help Save Net Neutrality

    There's going to be a Battle for the Internet on July 12th. Found out here> https://www.mcleodgaming.com/2017/06/battle-for-net-neutrality-mcleodgaming-joins-the-fray The FCC wants to take over Net Neutrality by slowing down webpage load times, blocking webpages, adding censorship & handing the Internet over to Cable Providers having them make the Internet a "What You See is What You Get" Internet. Join in the Protest & stop the FCC from taking over the Internet once again. https://www.battleforthenet.com/july12/ If the FCC wins, all we do online may never be possible again. Although they lost the battle before, I hope they lose again. All of you from WiseCleaner might want to add your Company to the list here> https://www.battleforthenet.com/july12/ & help save the Internet for the Internet Consumers.
  3. Wise_EPL

    WiseDriver Care Cannot Connect to the Server

    I tried it w/out COMODO FW 2 no avail. I tried w/out Win. FW 2 no avail.
  4. Wise_EPL

    WiseDriver Care Cannot Connect to the Server

    I have COMODO Internet Security w/ COMODO Firewall turned on. I have no P2P programs, & no VPN's turned on.
  5. Why can't WiseDriver Care connect to server? Is there a problem on your side?
  6. I don't know if yens can help me w/ this but if yens are able to but can yens help me find a Remote Tech Support Job I can do from home? I'm not looking 4 career sites, I looking for sites like> https://www.supportspace.com/support/ or like www.geekbudy.com . Support Space seems to be out of business & Geekbuudy doesn't have an option to get employed but I looking for sites like those, not career searching sites.
  7. Why was the "Assistance" button removed from WiseCare 365? Will I still get notifications on my desktop from Euask?
  8. This issue is resolved.
  9. I think the product website needs updated since the topics don't go to yens forums anymore & now goes to Euask. (See Picture)
  10. Wise_EPL

    WiseCare 365 V5 Beta?

    Are yens going to have a WiseCare 365 v5 Bata come out b4 official version ? If so, when is that happening ?
  11. Wise_EPL

    WiseCare 365 V5 Commimg?

    When will V5 of WiseCare 365 come out? And just out of curiosity, will a V4 License key work w/ WiseCare 365 V5 or will a customer need to buy a new key once V5 is out?
  12. Wise_EPL

    Issue w/ EUAsk.com

    It let me in but why does it block posting for several minutes or so? Please help me w/ this ASAP!
  13. Why can't I make frequent posts of issues I have? When will it let me post an issue again? Please reply ASAP! Isn't Unlimited Tech Support supposed to be frequent Tech Support & Continuous Tech Support? Again please respond ASAP Please!
  14. Wise_EPL

    A More Bigger & More Complete WiseCare365?

    Fix Security Vulnerabilities Find and install updated drivers Super Control Panel PowerSense OptiCore AcceleWrite Optimize Internet Settings Virus & Malware Protection Registry Compactor Recover Privacy in Windows Exploit Protection