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  1. sorry we cant understand your issue, please more details and clear about your problems in English. thanks
  2. Would you please more details and clear about your problems? thanks
  3. 1. When you startup computer, press F8 into safe mode, check it will automatically restart or not. 2. If not, then click Start_ enter "mscofig" in the search box and open the system configuration, find the startup, cancell all startup items. then reboot the system into normal mode and check it is automatic restart or not. If not, then selectively opening the boot process, find out problems program and delete. 3. If it automatically reboot into safe mode, i suggest you that find professional maintenance staff and check the hardware or redo system.
  4. please more details about your problems. what operation had you done to your PC?
  5. 1. check the hardware has problem or not, focused check motherboard, CPU fan, the host power supply situation, the power outlet has problem or not. 2. check some of the task of application software was shutdown has been started after task completetion or not. feature is that before turned off, there is always a program run is finished and then it will pop up to reminde box and shut down. 3. use Wise Care 365 solve and fix the store files, it can be complete virus removal and repair of the system configuration.
  6. please more details and clear about your problems. thanks
  7. please reinstall Background countainer. thanks
  8. please more details and clear about your problems. thanks
  9. 1. if it is a local disk, run disk management and check there are disk Q or not. Computer_ Manage_ Disk Management 2. if the network is mapped drive, check the drive system currently running or the network is disconnected. then remapped drive. 3. if it is a removable disk, reinsert and insert in the back host USB interface, you can also be inserted in another computer and check this is problems of disk U itself or not.
  10. please more details about your problem, and must be clearly
  11. WDC windows system slimming, it will be delete help files. c:\ windows\ help maybe deleted
  12. 1. don`t know the name of small tools, then please reinstall that small tools. 2. open the start menue, right-click to shortcut program which you need then click send to your desktop. then u can create a desktop shortcut.
  13. 1. can you open any website or not ? 2. is there any error messages?
  14. solution one, Start menu ---- type services.msc, open the Services panel, find the Hp simplepass identity protection services, double-click, automatic start, reboot the system Or, reinstall Hp simplepass identity protection drive solution two, open the Control Panel --- Programs --- uninstaller found Hp simplepass identity protection, spot repair
  15. Memory resources not enough, it caused browser responses slow, even no responses. 1. Run Wise PC 1stAid then try last step. 2. Run Wise Care 365 clean up the junk files and optimize your PC systems. Run Wise Memory Optimizer then release more memory for your PC. 2. suggest you to increase available physical memory, at least until 1024 MB or more.
  16. 1. Run wise care 365, start up manager, close all boot program, and then restart the system 2. If no error here, then open the half, reboot again 3. through this way, find a specific program error, re install and change the program, or delete the change program.
  17. 1. we don`t know what is the program of "synsopos.exe", then we can not give you specific solutions about this problem. 2. u can try reinstall this program and check it is work or not. 3. if cant, please give us details information about your problem. screenshot is better. thanks
  18. 1. If you've done updated automatically before, but shows never, it should be automatically updated log file has been deleted. 2. Or is that since the installation of the system, there is no automatic updates, it also shows never. 3. Run the check for updates, critical updates installed which is recommend it.
  19. u mean ur PC restart or crash itself? please clearly. thanks
  20. please restart your computer. if its not working, you should restore system or reinstall. thanks.
  21. it maybe registry entries associated with the explorer exception occurs. 1. reinstall system 2. use Wise Registry Cleaner.
  22. 1. open Wise Care 365, click Startup Manager on the left side and turn off unnecessary files. then click Context Menu and also turn off unnecessary files. next click System Optimizer optimize your PC. 2. if above operates not working, please open Wise PC 1stAid and run the last step which is " Running speed PC is too Slow" thanks
  23. do you mean QTcore4.dill download address or its error message? please clearly about ur problem. thanks
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