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  1. Yes, the forum doesn't like .ini files. The workaround is (probably) to change the extension to txt. No problem, given that you already sent it to the support.
  2. Hi Mihail Kosev. You can open directly the bulgarian.ini (with notepad) and edit that line. Then you can upload the file here or send it to support at wisecleaner dot com
  3. I think he means the search. Printing an exe file shouldn't make sense, for a human.
  4. The problem here is you leave your passwords in your browser or in your email client. If you log in to an online bank account, the "thief" could empty it.
  5. Imho, if you share your machine with other people, yes. A workaround could be to use a password manager like StickyPassword (as an example). It stores your passwords (on your machine or in the cloud or both), then it enters your passwords when needed. You can also tell it to block itself when you move away from your pc. You need to remember just one password (the masterpassword) to open the program. You mustn't forget the masterpassword, otherwise you'll lose all your passwords.
  6. Hi jraju. That was spam (containing links to porn websites?): I removed that message, banned the account that wrote it and modified your post.
  7. Well, that's a strange behaviour. Let's wait for wisecleaner team...
  8. Did you also try wise care 365 (free)?
  9. I'm using the portable version, but I have now tried the installed one. It also finds firefox cache. Did you already try these ones? uninstall WDC check if "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\Wise Disk Cleaner" folder is still present (it should be removed by the uninstallation). If present, delete it. check if "C:\Users\YourWindowsAccountName\AppData\Roaming\Wise Disk Cleaner" folder is still present (it should be removed by the uninstallation). If present, delete it. Reinstall WDC
  10. Hi Wesley909. I made a quick test with both (only firefox entries enabled). CCleaner found 60 files and 6 cookies. WiseDiskCleaner found 56 files and 4 cookies. Imo, not a big difference. ccleaner found these (WDC didn't find them) and some cookies: index.sqlite cookies.sqlite-shm cookies.sqlite-wal formhistory.sqlite permissions.sqlite sessionCheckpoints.json WDC found this (ccleaner didn't find it): content-prefs.sqlite Later, I fixed those items with WDC, then analysed again with ccleaner and it didn't find the items removed by WDC (it found the items that WDC didn't find, obviously). Using Win10STD x64, firefox 56.0 x64, WDC portable and Piriform CCleaner 5.35.6210 free portable.
  11. That option checks whether "windows update" is set to automatic. If "windows update" is not set to automatic, clicking on FIX should correct this problem and therefore "windows update" will be set to automatic. This option is present in menu - settings - custom checkup - security projects - "check availability of windows update service". If you don't want wise care 365 to check the "window update" state, untick the option: wise care 365 will skip this check at next checkup.
  12. Try to update your version 4.1.9 to 4.7.2 (latest), then recheck it. See http://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html
  13. Hi RICK-pc. Open wise care 365 shortcut properties (right-click on it, properties) and change the paths in it with your new paths. If you removed wise care 365, then you can delete wise care 365 link. If you still can't solve the problem, reinstall wise care 365, or use its portable version (in this case, you will have to create a new shortcut on your desktop, if you want it on your desktop). Hope this helps.
  14. Hi KNRover. Bug confirmed. It worked only after I modified the shortcut: In the link tab, destination, I have added the -safe parameter: "MyPath\Wise Registry Cleaner 9\WiseRegCleaner.exe" -a -safe In the compatibility tab, I ticked run as administrator. I tried also the other two possible combinations: -a and -a -all. They didn't work. I'm not sure what should do the -a parameter alone. It also seems WRC: doesn't create a backup of the deleted entries doesn't check exclusions Wise Disk Cleaner 1-click instead works, but it doesn't query/use the usercustom.ini. I'd modify WRC parameters and their behavior: -a should be removed. -all should be removed -safe: WRC will scan the sections specified by the user, then it will delete only safe entries. -advanced: WRC will scan the sections specified by the user, then it will delete all entries (safe and not safe). -allsafe: WRC will scan all sections, then it will delete only safe entries. -alladvanced: WRC will scan all sections, then it will delete all entries (safe and not safe). After that, the one-click icon should be set with the -safe parameter (and run as administrator).
  15. It seems this is now changed: portable versions will be downloaded from wisecleaner servers, instead for installer versions we will be redirected on cnet.com.
  16. The file favicons is in %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default. I.e., in %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\. It's about 20MB (on my machine, at least). I also noticed some doublets found by Wise Care 365 (and probably also by WDC). Doublets: Favicons-journal History-journal Network Action Predictor-journal QuotaManager-journal Shortcuts-journal Top Sites-journal Web Data-journal This is present three times (thrice?): Login Data-journal
  17. Hi jackdashack. :-) Are you using wise disk cleaner 9.49.669 (i.e., the latest version)? Installed or portable? Did you download it from wisecleaner.com? Or what website from? What OS are you using?
  18. Hi crispy. :-) Are you using the free or the pro version? There are two blogs for the free and for the pro: check the one for the pro. If you think there should be only one, I think the same... ;-)
  19. BUG DETECTED I was hearing a song and, when it finished, it didn't restart from the beginning. I wasn't able to restart the song in any way, other than re-open it. The same happens with videos (tried only one). FEATURE REQUEST Other players offer the possibility to loop the song/video (through a button or through the options). Imo this is a must-have. FEATURE REQUEST I always like to reduce the song/video speed to hear better the words said by the artists, or to increase the song/video speed for fun or because I think it's better. Imo this is a must-have.
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