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  1. What are the differences? Did you only remove "clear" and "classic" modes, and EUASK?
  2. Hi! The program currently doesn't detect the new version: I'm using I'm going to update it to 1.2.8.
  3. Current version is 1.29.35, but in WVP blog says 2.29. http://www.wisevideosuite.com/blog_Wise-Video-Player_1.html
  4. I'm still getting the same message after almost six months.
  5. Hi! The program currently doesn't detect the new version: I'm using (portable). I'm going to update it. It also saves *.file, *.file.list, *.reg in the program folder: I suggest to save them in a sub-folder (called data?).
  6. What OS are you using? What WDC version are you using (correct number)? Are you using the installed or portable version?
  7. It still doesn't work. I'm going to update it to the new version 2.1.4 (from 2.1.2). I get this window: I got it since the start, i.e. when I installed the program. I never got this window with other antimalware or antivirus programs. It asks to reboot: only antivirus programs ask this. Edit: I updated the program, but it still can't start the engine. I disabled the firewall and the HOSTS file. Win10 x64 (latest version, updated), DEP alwaysOn. DISABLED: Win10 defender, Heimdal security pro, win10 firewall and HOSTS file.
  8. Same here. Win10 x64, DEP alwaysOn, win10 firewall (blocking everything outgoing and ingoing, just port 80 and 443 for the program), Win10 defender, Heimdal security pro
  9. Hi everybody. :-) Problems: - engine failed to start with windows firewall on, outgoing connections only for tcp 80 and 443. - firewall disabled, it froze for minutes... Then engine failed to start is still present. - settings --> quick check doesn't remember the options I unticked, after I close the program (and it remains in the system tray). First suggestions: - make it portable - make it resizable - add maximize/minimize/"minimize to system tray" buttons/features - I'd remove the system cleaner: this should be an antimalware only. Otherwise WAM should be included in WiseCare365. Imo, it isn't necessary to duplicate the same functions. - a complete malware scan can last several half hours or hours: add an option to minimize (or not minimize) the program to the system tray. Or minimize it directly when clicking the minimize button. Currently, it DOESN'T "sit" in the system tray, during the scan (checkup, quick, full or custom) ; and the scan is terminated when I click the top-right X (close button).
  10. Hi PWT1000 - Paul. Run chkdsk c: /f from an elevated command prompt. At least twice.
  11. Hi everybody. :-) First suggestions: - there should be a ignore button, not for each line, given that I can select items and then click on FIX. - make it portable - make it resizable - add maximize/minimize buttons/features (they're available in the language file) - About window: my translation exceeds... Make it bigger. - move the rescan button a bit on the left side (my translation exceeds) - What's the purpose of solutions:fix (or delete)? Remove "solutions:". - wechat, weibo, qq zone are available in the language file, but not in the program.
  12. My WRC9 PRO license key expired in 2018-03-06 00:00:00, but I still get the message that it expired, and today is April the Eight (8 Apr). This could be annoying for your users. I'd limit it to one month and max 5 times!
  13. See the same item in WCare365, WRC9 and regedit: Obviously, I like the item presented in WRC9 manner, but I like the list in WCare365 (inherited from WRC8).
  14. Thanks for the playback speed!!!!!!!!!! It would be nicer if it were put in the main commands bar (i.e. near skip, play/pause...). When I use the mouse wheel UP, speed will decrease (and viceversa): it should be the opposite. The first point in my previous message is still there (i.e., I can't restart the same media after I played it, because it is closed). It doesn't remember the audio percentage between sessions. Sometimes the command bar remains in its previous position, after the program is maximized. Or when clicking the program many times in the taskbar (making it appear-disappear-reappear...).
  15. WRC current version is 9.5.5. 4.8.2 is wisecare 365 current version number. Maybe it's engine is still based on WRC8. Wisecare365 questions should be opened in wisecare365 sub-forum: maybe I'll move this thread later.
  16. They are safe, but you are not using the latest version. That doesn't happen in WRC9. Chromium is not malicious, chrome and other dozens of browsers are based on it.
  17. @zoeff I re-enabled your previous account (not sure who disabled it, but it was an error for sure).
  18. @zoeff50 I remove all spam and ban the spammers when I'm online. I can't do that when I'm not online. My suggestion for you is to don't subscribe to discussions, to not receive those spam messages in your email.
  19. I merged all threads in this main thread because this program is still in a beta stage. I.e., all suggestions, improvements and so forth, imho, should be in one topic. Specific problems could be discussed separately, once the program will be released officially.
  20. Where it says OFF (it's a button), then there's the alarm clock, then "Clean up your computer regularly". You can create a scheduled task from that interface, without having to create one directly from windows task scheduler.
  21. You can zip them up and use a website to upload images (dropbox, Google drive, ms OneDrive, et cetera)
  22. Instead it isn't created in my machine. Win10 home/standard x64 v1709 b16299, dep AlwaysOn, UAC: max level, windows defender, windows firewall, custom scaling 150%.
  23. Hi Solane. :-) Check if the task is created (in Windows task scheduler: taskschd.msc). It seems it isn't created (I tried it right now). I.e., it seems a bug in the program (just for the "idle tasks").
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