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  1. Hi kasem. :-) I'm not sure you can use wise duplicate finder without a license and for free... By the way, if it worked, it should have made a backup (if you didn't change its options). Check menu, settings, backup folder. There's also a "backup and restore" function, always in its menu.
  2. xilolee

    Registry cleaning bug with

    wrc vs Wcare365 vs wrc 8.83.563 (all with deep scan) 113 vs 3 vs 70 (with same exclusions) 1m6s vs 1m8s vs 40s 181 vs 69 vs 136 (without exclusions) 52s vs 55s vs 26s
  3. xilolee

    Cannot run or update Wise Care

    Try their portable versions: https://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html
  4. The current english.ini seems an older version. This was version 5.15.506 (more updated than the current): https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArYK0ttq5qgXrRpeSiI8ByxGIzxh
  5. xilolee

    Registry cleaning bug with

    Not here: WRC8 found 73 problems in 57sec (the second time, 41sec), WCare365 found 3 problems in 1m17sec (the second time, 1m10sec). WRC9 found 178 problems in 1m6sec (105 MRU lists more than WRC8). All portable versions, with same settings, exclusions and PC.
  6. Bugs: - it doesn't create the shutdown tasks, except for the daily option; but when I cancel the task, it isn't cancelled from the list. - I didn't check the other tasks, but I think they won't work.
  7. xilolee

    Просмотр папок

    Hi aiv3006. You can't do that from pc checkup, but you can do it from system cleaner, common cleaner. Translated with google translate: Вы не можете сделать это из проверки на ПК, но вы можете сделать это от очистителя системы, обычного очистителя.
  8. xilolee

    "Include Advanced Cleaner" check mark

    That affects only the scheduled task, if you set one. And by the way, I have now tried to create a scheduled task with that option, and re-tried without that option, and things didn't change in the task. Therefore this is a bug.
  9. xilolee

    Wise Registry Cleaner X beta is released

    Hi! Premise: for the scans I used the same settings and the same exclusion.dat (and the same system with the same settings...). 1) Settings, general, "notify me when someone posted a paid question" should be removed 2) I still think "custom area" should be located where it was in WRC8 (and previous versions): It doesn't save the settings when I click the x: there was an OK button to save them, now there is a SCAN button. I don't know what kind of scan it will be: default? Safe? Deep? 3) WRC10 doesn't find entries: WRC9 finds about 107 (WRC8 134) entries using the safe scan and 229 (wrc8 256) entries using the deep scan. Wise care 365 has got the same problem... 4) I can't verify other possible bugs/glitches/missing features/incoherencies given that there aren't results... 5) WRC8 scan time was 44s, WRC10 was 65s, WCare365 was 67s. (all entries enabled, in this case)
  10. xilolee

    Wise Disk Cleaner X beta is released

    In windows 7, the slimming system in WDC and WCare365 removes the following files (when the user choose to select and remove them, obviously) and then the SFC tool will report "found integrity violations". These files aren't located in Winsxs\backup:
  11. The latest, but at that time I was using 5.1.5, because 5.1.6 wasn't available.
  12. xilolee

    Wise Disk Cleaner X beta is released

    If possible, try to correct also the SFC problem (found integrity violations) in windows 7:
  13. In advanced cleaner, advanced settings, "Find empty files comes into effect only once. Next time you need to select again." is still present.
  14. Confirmed: they disappeared even here. And when I change the language from Eng to Ita, some strings remain in Eng.