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    unable to open WFH application

    Hi, Please send this issue to support@wisecleaner.com, my colleague -vivian can help you.
  2. wisecleaner_admin

    i have a problem with Wise Folder Hider

    Hi, Please refer this page: https://www.wisecleaner.com/how-to-get-wise-folder-hider-password-back.html
  3. Lots of members ask the same question in our forum - My computer run very slow, how can I solve it. Actually, it is easy, just run Wise Care 365, and click some buttons. 1) Click Check Up Now to check up your system, then click Fix Now to clean system. 2) Click System Tuneup-->System Optimizer-->Optimize. If you want to restore settings, just click System Default. 3) Click System Tuneup-->Startup Manager-->Startup, disable useless startup programs. 4) Click System Tuneup-->Startup Manager-->Services, in this tab, you will see four suggestions: Enable - System often use this service, we suggest you enable it. Disable - This service can be disabled safely. Keep - Maintain this service current status, you don't need to change it. If you confirm this service is useless, you don't need it, you can disable it. No suggestion - We don't give any suggestion for third-party services, if you confirm the service is useless, you don't need to run it when PC starts, you can disable it. Anyway, you can restore your operation in Records tab. 5) Click System Tuneup-->Context Menu, disable context menu of third-party programs. 6) Click System Tuneup-->Disk Defrag, it will spend long time, suggest you just defrag drive C. 7) Click System Tuneup-->Registry Defrag, be careful, it need to reboot your system. 8) If your PC still slow, you can try Wise PC 1stAid, the last one icon "Running speed of PC is too slow", when you reboot system, you will be shocked , your PC just like a new one. Be careful, before you use this function, you must to read its Notice carefully. Because, this operation will disable most IE plugins/extensions, most third-party services, most startup programs. It means some programs which you installed, will not run well. If all above steps cannot speed up your PC, I think your PC's hardware are out of date. In this case, increase your physical memory to 4GB may be useful.
  4. wisecleaner_admin

    Checker Plus for Gmail

    Hi, I did some tests. When I first install Checker Plus for Gmail, I got this error message "Problem starting extension. Try re-installing the extension. Error: Unknown Error. The operation failed for reasons unrelated to the database itself and not covered by any other error code". I clicked this message and it opened a page to ask me to Refressh Firefox. I did it, refresh my Firefox, then reinstall Checker Plus for Gmail, it worked. I login my Gmail account, this extension worked fine, reminder me new email was received. I ran Wise Care 365 to Checkup and Fix, then reopen Firefox, Checker Plus for Gmail still worked fine. I also did Common Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Advanced Cleaner, but Checker Plus for Gmail worked fine.
  5. wisecleaner_admin

    Checker Plus for Gmail

    Thanks for your feedback. We will check it.
  6. Sorry, Wise Program Uninstaller doesn't support silent mode.
  7. New released beta version - Wise Driver Care We are very excited to announce the release of Wise Driver Care beta! Download and update outdated Windows devices drivers! Wise Driver Care can automatically scan, download and update drivers. Easily fix missing, outdated or faulty driver errors. Keep your computer in top condition! 1, Supports more than 600,000 devices and drivers Such as AMD APU/Graphics/Chipset/AHCI/USB 3.0/RAID Drivers, NVIDIA drivers, Realtek ethernet controller/wireless lan/network/HD Audio Drivers, Intel Audio/HD Graphics/WLAN/LAN/chipset/rapid storage technology/USB 3.0 Drivers, ASUS Drivers, Dell Drivers, HP Drivers, Intel PC Drivers & Microsoft Windows Drivers 2, Reduce system freezing and crashing. 3, Wise Driver Care only recommend WHQL drivers. 4, One-stop Windows driver management. 5, Easily fix sound & network issues Click here for direct download Wise Driver Care beta. However, there is still space for improvement for this beta version, please leave a comment or write down the bugs you found below. We would really appreciate that. Thank you! Release Notes: ******************* v1.0.621 (June 22, 2017) 1, Optimized network connection 2, Minor GUI improvements 3, Added 4 language files 4, Minor bug fixes View antivirus scan report ******************** v1.0.713 (July 14, 2017) 1, Fixed minor bugs 2, Added some new language files 3, Minor GUI improvements view antivirus scan report ******************** v2.1.720 (July 20, 2017) The official version is released. ********************
  8. Actually Wise Driver Care doesn't list the latest driver version to user, because we don't sure the latest one is stable. Nvidia once released a driver but it caused some users system crashed. So, Wise Driver Care only recommend the latest but also stable driver.
  9. wisecleaner_admin

    "Engine failed to start"

    Hi guys, Sorry for it. Please try this way: 1, press Win+R, type services.msc 2, find Wise Anti-Malware service, right click on it and select Restart 3, when the service status change to Running, open wise anti malware to check it the engine works well If restart service cannot fix this problem, please uninstall current file and REBOOT system (DO NOT forget this step), then install the latest version. If you tried above methods but still get same problem, please send these 2 log files to us: C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\svr.log C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\SavEngine\avupdate.log
  10. How to update my payment information? Currently, we use 3 platforms to receive payments, PayPal, Mycommerce, and Avangate. If you want to change (update) your billing information (creadit card information), please follow belowing steps: PayPal: 1, Sign in your PayPal account. 2, Click the gear icon in the upper right corner, you can update your personal information 3, Click Wallet tab, you can update your Cards information. Mycommerce: 1, Open Mycommerce order lookup page. 2, Type your email address and Order ID to search your order 3, Click the item you ordered 4, Find Billing Information, click Update billing information Avangate: 1, Open Avangate customer page. 2, If you are the first time to use it, you need to create a new account 3, After sign in your account, choose Payment Methods tab, here you can update your payment information
  11. wisecleaner_admin

    Meet our new product - Wise Anti Malware (beta)

    Hi xilolee, Thanks for your good suggestions, I will send them to developer team.
  12. Dear users, We have just released a new product: Wise Anti Malware Beta. This new product can help you defense against Virus, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Phishing, Spyware and unwanted programs (PUP/PUA). The most important is Wise Anti Malware Perfect compatible with Windows 10 Defender. Please download Wise Anti Malware to try! Please note, The installer doesn't include virus database, after you finish installation, the Malware Cleaner is not activated. Please close it and wait a moment, the Tray will download virus database in background. The download time depends on your internet speed, normally it less than 30 minutes. However, there is still space for improvement for this beta version, please leave a comment or write down the bugs you found below. We would really appreciate that. Thank you! WiseCleaner Team Release Logs: ************************** v2.11 Date: 05-21-2018 Release official version. ------------------------------------- v1.28 Date: 04-23-2018 New changes: + Improved update service. + Improved ad cleaner. ------------------------------------- v1.25 Date: 03-20-2018 New changes: + Fixed the bug "Engine failed to start " ------------------------------------- v1.24 Date: 03-16-2018 New changes: + Improved virus engine. + Fixed minor bugs. ------------------------------------- v1.23 Date: 03-13-2018 New changes: + Improved virus engine initialization process. + Minor GUI improvements. -------------------------------------- v1.22 Date: 03-06-2018 New changes: + Improved virus engine installation. + Reduced memory usage. + Added 6 languages, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Korean, Russian and Ukrainian. -------------------------------------- v1.21 Date: 02-28-2018 New changes: + Fix the bug of high memory usage. + Improved Quarantine function. --------------------------------------- v 1.17 Date: 02-26-2018 New changes: + Improved real-time protection + Fix minor bugs of System Cleaner + Minor GUI improvements. + Updated language. ***********************************
  13. wisecleaner_admin

    wise care 365 4.8.5問題

    Translated by Google: In the W10 1803 April edition using the system to automatically create a restore point, please correct. This is not a bug, all version of Wise Care 365 contains this important feature. If Windows system protection (not system protection of wise care 365) is turned off, wise care 365 will ask you whether to turn it on. If Windows system protection is turned on, wise care 365 will create system restore point automatically.
  14. wisecleaner_admin

    System Protection

    Hi, Thanks for your feedback. We will check and fix it soon. Now, please turn it on and then turn it off.
  15. wisecleaner_admin

    scans results are exactly the same

    Hi, Generally Fast Scan and Deep Scan could not have same results. I noticed you have cleaned registry after each Scan, so the problem is some registry items were failed to cleaned. Please do a Fast Scan and clean, then run Fast Scan again (do not click Clean button, only Scan), then right click on a item and select Export to. Send this report to us. Thanks.
  16. Thanks, xilolee. I will send your suggestion to the developer team. In the beginning, this app is only for Chinese user, we just release it in China, to block and clean chinese ad applications (wechat, weibo, qzone and so on).
  17. wisecleaner_admin

    Advanced Cleaner Not Working

    Thanks xilolee
  18. wisecleaner_admin

    оптимизация загрузки

    Hi, SuperFetch improves on Prefetch by monitoring which applications that you use the most and preloading those into system memory. Sometimes it may cause high CPU/Disk usage when system startup. If you want keep it running, please ignore this option
  19. New released beta version - Wise Video Player Smart and Powerful, that you can play any format videos. It is an all-powerful video player, also an audio player. Supported video formats: .asf, .avi, .wm, .wmp, .wmv, .ram, .rm, .rmvb, .rp, .rpm, .rt, .smil, .scm, .m1v, .m2v, .m2ts, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .3gp, .mov, .flv, .swf, .mkv, .mts Supported audio formats: .acc, .ac3, .mla, .m2a, .m4a, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .mpc, .wav, .wma, .mid, .midi, .oga, .ogg Be the first to experience the beta version! Click Here to download Wise Video Player Tell us whether you like it! ( or ) Your valuable feedback makes the new-born better! Thank you in advance! Release note: v1.55.82 (Jan. 25, 2017) The first beta version
  20. wisecleaner_admin

    MUR's With Chinese Text Plus Chromium Reg. Entry

    Hi xilolee, Thanks, I will send it to developer team. Maybe they can improve it.
  21. wisecleaner_admin

    "Engine failed to start"

    Hi, Sorry for it. It was a minor bug of initialization virus engine. we already fixed it. If you have other problem, please feel free to contact us.
  22. wisecleaner_admin

    "Engine failed to start"

    Hi, After installation, when you first open Wise Anti Malware, you will see this window "Initialization engine... " it is downloading engine. Did you see it? Please open Wise Anti Malware folder, normally it is C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\SavEngine\ Find this file avupdate.log and send it to us.
  23. Hi alakfd, Current version, it already display date and time. If you didn't see it, please give me a screenshot. About export function, I will send it to developer team.
  24. Dear users, We are very excited to announce the release of Wise Duplicate Finder beta! Find & Remove Duplicate File, Photo! Wise Duplicate Finder is a fast and accurate Windows duplicate file & photo finder, it is simple and easy- to-use. 1. Wise Duplicate Finder can help you find specified location duplicate document file, photo, email, video, audio, archive. 2. It provides four compare modes: a. Match filename and size; b, Partial content match; c, Exact content match; d, Only find 0 byte files. 3. It can help you remove duplicate files and only keep one. 4. When you delete duplicate files, wise duplicate finder can auto backup them, you can restore them in any time. Click here for direct download Wise Duplicate Finder beta However, there is still space for improvement for this beta version, please leave a comment or write down the bugs you found below. We would really appreciate that. Thank you! WiseCleaner Team *Release notes* v1.03.15 (2 Sep. 2016) - Improved advanced settings - Added file size and date modified - Minor improvements