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  1. wisecleaner_admin

    Plz Help me

    Please email to support@wisecleaner.com, the support team can help you.
  2. wisecleaner_admin

    BitsDuJour Software Receipt FREE????????

    Hi, It has live protection. In the first tab - Quick Check, you can see "Real-time Protection: On" under checkup button.
  3. wisecleaner_admin

    "Engine failed to start"

    If you have installed Avira, you cannot install Wise Anti Malware.
  4. If there is new reply, when you open Wise Force Deleter, you can see a red mark on left lower bottom. If uninstalled Wise Force Deleter, you cannot receive reply message. I checked our support system, the latest problem about Wise Force Deleter was created on July 3rd. When did you submit it?
  5. wisecleaner_admin

    "Engine failed to start"

    Hi xilolee, Please send this file to us: C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\svr.log
  6. wisecleaner_admin

    Not working with FireFox

    Thanks for your feedback. We will check and fix it soon.
  7. wisecleaner_admin

    hello i need help

    As I said, if you hide files in C drive, after reinstall system, we cannot find hidden files. Do you? This is the reason Wise Folder Hider version 4 doesn't hide a file/folder in USB device, but hide whole USB device.
  8. wisecleaner_admin

    Editing .rbk file

    Hi, If you cannot delete a registry key with your Administrator account, and this key belongs to system, I recommend DO NOT delete it. If this key belongs to a third-party application, you can uninstall this app and then try to delete this key.
  9. wisecleaner_admin

    hello i need help

    Hi, If you hide files with Wise Folder Hider version 4, when you reinstall OS, these hidden files will be unhide automatically. These files are visible, please check it carefully. But, if you have format the drive which you stored hidden files, we cannot recover these hidden files.
  10. wisecleaner_admin

    Uninstalling Wise Folder Hider

    well, if you reinstalled Wise Folder Hider but still cannot run it, please make a screenshot when you try to run wise folder hider, I need to know what happened. Or, we offer remote help if you allow us to connect to your computer. More details about remote help, please send request to support@wisecleaner.com Thanks.
  11. wisecleaner_admin

    Uninstalling Wise Folder Hider

    Did you try to reinstall Wise Folder Hider?
  12. wisecleaner_admin

    Uninstalling Wise Folder Hider

    Hi, If you forgot password, please refer this page: https://www.wisecleaner.com/how-to-get-wise-folder-hider-password-back.html
  13. Hi, "Suggestion: Unlocker allows selections thru right-click menu. Add option to WFD." Thanks, but current wise force deleter has this feature. "Failed on C:\Temp\lu10004gy1609.tmp" Please try to delete it in Safe Mode.
  14. wisecleaner_admin

    Win 10 updates and Microsoft Edge

    Hi, You can refer these 2 topics to learn how to speed your computer https://wisecleaner.blogspot.com/2018/01/5-tips-to-speed-up-your-computers-boot.html https://wisecleaner.blogspot.com/2018/01/3-best-effective-ways-to-speed-up-your.html
  15. wisecleaner_admin

    Checker Plus for Gmail

    Sorry for it. I can't reproduce it, but i will keep my eyes on this issue.