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  1. wisecleaner_admin

    Wise Uninstaller doesn't start

    Please open C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\Wise Program Uninstaller\ Remove or rename WiseAppManager.dll Then run wise program uninstaller again.
  2. wisecleaner_admin

    Wise Uninstaller doesn't start

    I see, Please uninstall current file, then try version 2.29 http://www.wisecleaner.com/soft/oldwpu/WPUSetup_2.29.130.exe
  3. wisecleaner_admin

    Wise Uninstaller doesn't start

    @Damon Thanks for your feedback. Did last version 2.29 work well?
  4. @xilolee We already fix this issue, now version 2.81 can detect new updates.
  5. wisecleaner_admin

    Cannot connect to server

    @VuJay, Sorry, Wise Driver Care is offline. Please try other similar product.
  6. @xilolee Sorry for it, it was a test message.
  7. wisecleaner_admin

    Improve request for Wise JetSearch

    Hi, Thanks for your feedback, But this is not caused by wildcard, the reason is Wise Jet Search doesn't have enough permission to delete these files. We test version 3.02, it only delete history from wise jetsearch search list, but the file was still exist. (Wise Jetsearch failed to delete this file but it didn't popup failure message like version 3.16 do.)
  8. wisecleaner_admin

    Bug reports (Wise Disk Cleaner released version ONLY)

    @MikeO Thanks, But I need a screenshot of the Disk Management, like below: You can Right click on This PC - Manage - Disk Management. It is much better if we can connect your computer to check this issue.
  9. wisecleaner_admin

    Bug reports (Wise Disk Cleaner released version ONLY)

    @MikeO We will try to fix this issue. Could you please capture a screenshot of your disk information, like above image i attached? We cannot reproduce it, and need your help. Thanks.
  10. wisecleaner_admin

    wise anti malware doesn't work properly

    Please open Wise Anti Malware folder, normally it is C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\, find and send svr.log to us.
  11. @xilolee Thanks for your feedback.
  12. wisecleaner_admin

    Wise JetSearch

    Sorry, I just want to confirm it again. Wise Jetsearch can list "Transcend 1tb storejet" HDD (you can choose this drive from the drop down arrow). But, wise jetsearch cannot find any file/folder of this HDD. Can I connect to your computer to test this issue?
  13. wisecleaner_admin

    Wise JetSearch

    Hi, Did Wise Jet Search list this "Transcend 1tb storejet " external HDD?
  14. wisecleaner_admin

    Recovering pictures deleted by WiseCare

    You can recover these pictures to D drive, or a USB drive. Then copy and paste these pictures to C drive.
  15. wisecleaner_admin

    Recovering pictures deleted by WiseCare

    Yes, you can try wise data recovery. Run wise data recovery, select C drive, choose Image from keywords box. Click Search button. Then, select pictures you want to recover and click Recover button.