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  1. Hi, Yes, it is normal. When you start Wise Disk Cleaner, it connects to wisecleaner server checking news and updates. We DO NOT recommend to defragment an SSD. If you want to optimize the SSD, please try Wise Registry Cleaner or Wise Care 365, and you will see the TRIM option in the System Optimization.
  2. Hello, Please check the reminder window title, 'You have missed some reminders' The delay option is not available for a missed reminder. We plan to add 'Reactivate' option for the missed reminder.
  3. Please run Wise Care 365 - Menu - Settings - General, uncheck 'Add file shredder to Context menu'
  4. Thanks, It is a whitelabel product of Wise Care 365, be authorized.
  5. Hello, Custom Checkup affect only PC Checkup. If you change settings in Custom Checkup, you will not see these unchecked items in PC Checkup.
  6. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion. We will improve the description in future version. About 'Optimized response speed of system display', the full explanation is optimizing response speed of the Windows Menu display. The registry key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, MenuShowDelay Default value is 400, and optimized value is 0. You can change the value to 2000, then click Menu and you can understand what is optimizing response speed of the Windows Menu display.
  7. Sorry about that, but there should be the special folder '....' to store hidden file/folder in the USB disk. If there is not, this means there is no hidden folder/files in the USB device. You can try the data recovery software.
  8. Hello, Your problem is that you hide the USB device before, but now Wise Folder Hider doesn't recognize it on the new PC. Have you tried it on the old PC? If it doesn't work, please try: 1, Download and run this tool: http://www.wisecleaner.com/tools/DelFHPath.exe 2, Expand the USB drive, then you will see a special folder named '....' 3, Continue expanding until you see hidden files 4, Right-click on the hidden file and choose Move to, then save the file on a new location.
  9. Hello, Sorry about it. Please try this link: http://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365_5.3.9.536.exe
  10. Hi, Thanks for the good suggestions. I will forward it to the developer team.
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