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  1. HI, The main difference is the Pro version can clean all accounts registry, but the Free version can only clean current user's.
  2. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. We check again, but Avast didn't alert any wisecleaner products in our computer. So, we think it was a false positive. Please restore Wise Care 365 from quarantine, add Wise Care 365 to Avast Exception list, then help us to submit to Avast to move wise care 365 to whitelist. Thanks. Add an exception: https://support.avast.com/en-us/article/168/ Submit a false positive: https://www.avast.com/en-us/false-positive-file-form.php
  3. @LarryF If you were using PC Checkup, please uncheck Office x in Menu - Settings - Custom Checkup - Useless files. Then Wise Care 365 will not clear Office Recent history.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. 1, Selection is Acceptation. You don't need to an Accept button. Wise Reminder execute your choice automatically, you just need to select a time from drop-down menu. 2, It can remember your last choice. For example, you select to remind you after 10 minutes. 10 minutes later when you see the reminder window again, the postpone time is 10 minutes. The button "Got it" means you know this task and stop reminding. Please try it again.
  5. Hi, Thanks for your feedback, We will fix this issue in next update. Now, please DO NOT clean FireFox Cookies.
  6. Thanks for your feedback. Please download and install the debug version below. http://downloads.wisecleaner.com/debug/WGBSetup_debug.exe
  7. Please open C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\Wise Folder Hider\, find and run WiseFolderHider.exe And, you can right click on WiseFolderHider.exe, choose Sent to Desktop (create shortcut). Or, you can reinstall wise folder hider to fix this issue.
  8. @vinny53 Did you mean Wise Registry Cleaner save backup file in C:\, not in default folder?
  9. Hi, There are 3 possible reasons: 1, If a file was created by a security software (Avast, Norton, and so on), wisecleaner has not enough permission to remove this file. This file is protected by the security software. 2, A certain application will create the file again after wisecleaner remove it. So, you will see same file after a re-scan, but the file's created date is different. 3, A file will be removed after you restart system.
  10. @karmar Hi, These registry entries were created by McAfee, wise registry cleaner doesn't have permission to delete them. You can delete them manually. Right click one item and chose "Open in registry editor", then you can press Delete to delete it.
  11. Hi, Please make sure there is at least one Unfinished task and have ticked "Run on startup" in Menu.
  12. Hi, I find only 2 PDF apps in softland, and wise program uninstaller can display both 2 apps. You can try Custom Uninstall, the icon under X (the close icon)
  13. Hi, Sorry for it. There was a bug in version 10.13, we have fix it in version 10.14. If you were using version 10.13, please download and install the latest version 10.15 manually. Thanks for your understanding, Wise Registry Cleaner v10.15
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