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  3. WiseCleaner - Customers Help and Support Center https://www.wisecleaner.com/help.html Welcome to Our Support Center. ... How to change the display of Wise Care 365 floating window? How do I change the weather location in wise boot booster?
  4. wisecleaner_admin

    registry cleaners

    Hi, When we install an application, new registry entries will be created. These entries should automatically be deleted when we uninstall the application. Unfortunately, it does not always work that way. Sometimes, you will find that some applications fail to remove their own registry entries. These entries then become obsolete. Over time, the Windows Registry begins to hold data that are invalid and obsolete. This invalid data eventually accumulates in the Registry, slowing Windows down, compromising PC performance and causing other problems. So, to keep your computer in top performance, it is recommended that you periodically clean your Windows registry.
  5. wisecleaner_admin

    Where is dnld for Wise Hider Folder Pro?

    Hi, There is only one version of Wise Folder Hider version 4. You can enter the license key to upgrade Free version to Pro version. If you forgot login password, just click "Forgot Password" button then click the green button "Input Key" , then you will see the register window.
  6. wisecleaner_admin

    Wise folder hider feature request ( hide app )

    HI, Thanks for your suggestion. There is not a shortcut key to launch Wise Folder Hider, but you can use Wise Hotkey to create one.
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  8. I have the free version and want to install the Pro version. Paid for it, but there is no dnld button for Pro. So dnld-ed free version and installed, thinking it would ask me for Pro validation code. Nope. Now matter what I do, it's the old free version. The wise email to me said: How to activate Wise Folder Hider Pro with your key: (1. Open Wise Folder Hider Pro. I've used various search devices and there is NO such folder. So, is there a special place or method to install my Pro version?
  9. @donaldcassey, Please paste the url here, we will test it. Thanks
  10. Hi the wise folder hider app s excellent....with the folder always hidden, no one knows it’s thete.......but seeing a shortcut for your program in the taskbar and or desktop gives away the secret. could you find a way of making the app also invisible, activated by a shortcut key...... if the shortcut key was lost, then the app could simply be uninstalled and reinstalled.... think as an OPTION this would be a great feature. thanks
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  12. When I enter the youtube url, I get a message that I need to enter the youtube url. I am copying the url and pasting it to wise. Does it work for anyone? Not for me. Does this software also helps in downloading youtube file in mp3 format?
  13. I recently got a new laptop and i did not install any anti-malware tool into it, i have been using my hardware since a month now, but i face occasional window freezes and i am worries this would keep on increasing. Is this a symptom of malware attack? if yes then how do i clear this mess? please help
  14. xilolee

    Wise Data Recovery review and comparison

    Except that wise data recovery is not wise care 365... I move this topic in "other wisecleaner products".
  15. This there a way to fill in the password field from another program like Lastpass? Since the popup does not have a label identifying the password field as a password field (only a caption), is there another way to pass the password to the field? Can a command line command be used to pass the password when the popup opens?
  16. wisecleaner_admin

    Wise Driver Care - Cannot connect to the server

    Hi, Sorry, Wise Driver Care is offline. Please try other similar product.
  17. The software seems to be very interesting and useful. We have created detailed review and comparison with main competitors (https://thinkmobiles.com/blog/best-pc-optimization-software/). The article includes brief information on most important pros and cons. *To the forum Moderators: if the topic should be placed in another category, please, move it. If placing such topics requires additional preliminary arrangements, please, contact me via PM to discuss the related issues. We would also be happy to hear your feedback on our review
  18. Just installed latest version of Wise Driver Care. When selecting "PC Checkup" all I get is the "Cannot connect to the server" message ! Firewall is open...
  19. wisecleaner_admin

    Wise Uninstaller doesn't start

    @Damon We already fixed this issue, please try the latest version v2.32
  20. Claw

    Free trial

    I figured that was the case but I always double check things with the people who would know. Thanks for the help.
  21. wisecleaner_admin

    I don't find the contents of my hard drive

    Hi, Please try this way: 1, Download this tool: http://www.wisecleaner.com/tools/DelFHPath.exe 2, Enter your WFH password to run this tool 3, Expand hidden USB drive (the 1TB drive) , then expand the special folder named ...., continue expanding until you see hidden files and folders. 4, Right click on a file/folder, choose "Move to..", select a different location to save it.
  22. wisecleaner_admin

    Wise Program Uninstaller Track Installations

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  23. xilolee

    Free trial

    Scan in real time isn't available in the free version, obviously.
  24. Claw

    Free trial

    What happens after the 60 day free trial is over? If I just click the Free Download button will WAM still have realtime of will it be manual scans?
  25. Claw

    Free trial

    If I install Wise Anti-Malware but don't upgrade to pro, will it still have realtime protection ?
  26. Hi, I wonder if possible in some update add an Real-time installation monitor for Wise Program Uninstaller, ie some option/function to track and save all installed elements by an installer. This feature is present just in some uninstallers, one is Uninstall Tool from CrystalIDEA. https://www.crystalidea.com/uninstall-tool/install-tracker-installation-monitor I think can be really nice to have something like this here :) Best regards.
  27. Hello Everyone, I have been using discord since a long time, but recently i have started facing issue which states that "Discord Wont Open". I searched in google for this solution but i ended up disappointed as i didn't found a proper solution for it. Please Help me to find a solution for the error Discord Wont Open. Thanks
  28. Hi, I just had a problem with Wise Folder Hider: I had hidden the files of a hard disk of 1 TB still filled and I am surprised that everything is empty when opening the hard disk while the bar of disk is completely filled. Moreover, nothing appears in Wise Hide folder How can I solve this problem to find the contents of my hard drive? Thank you for your help
  29. wisecleaner_admin

    Wise Uninstaller doesn't start

    @Damon, I saw 2 apps: AcrobatNotificationClient, and AD2F1837.HPPrinterControl. But I can't find installation files. Where did you install them, from Windows Store? If yes, please tell me their full name. Thanks
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