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  4. Hello, Please check the reminder window title, 'You have missed some reminders' The delay option is not available for a missed reminder. We plan to add 'Reactivate' option for the missed reminder.
  5. Noticed today that when a reminder pops up, there is no longer the option to delay it as it used to do. Coincidentally, there is a message at the top of that reminder and all others since this morning "You have missed some reminders". Is there an easy fix for that, or would it be best to backup my reminders, kill the program, start all over and restore the reminders file?
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  7. Please run Wise Care 365 - Menu - Settings - General, uncheck 'Add file shredder to Context menu'
  8. I tried to turn off Shred file / folder in context menu, but not working ... after I reopen Wise Care 365, This setting was reset and turn on again.
  9. Thanks, It is a whitelabel product of Wise Care 365, be authorized.
  10. Step 1: Update your computer software Step 2: Delete unnecessary files Step 3: Clean your computer from https://systemcarepro.net Step 4: Defragment your hard drive Step 5: Maintain and optimize your computer with native and third-party software Step 6: Upgrade your system
  11. Hi! I created account just to inform you about this https://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com/windows-care-genius.html I wonder if you know about this.
  12. Hi, It would be great if Wise Disk Cleaner can have the feature of cleaning for all user accounts when running from an administrator account. On the other hand it would be nice too if WDC can have the same setting system of Wise Care 365 for the ítem exclusion (this is more interesting, nice and clear in Wise Care 365 than in Wise Disk Cleaner). Maybe this kind of improvement in Wise Disk Cleaner can derivate in a Pro version (paid) as the case of the Wise Registry Cleaner. Thanks
  13. Please support custom repeat frequency for reminders (like Mac OS calendar) https://www.macobserver.com/tips/quick-tip/macos-setting-custom-reminders
  14. You can extract OWA data by using SysInfo Tools Office 365 cloud backup and Restore tool. This is a smart tool that enables you to take the backup of Office 365 email box and gives the option to users to save them to PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, HTML, and MHTML file formats. For more info, visit: https://www.sysinfotools.com/office365-backup.php
  15. The very easy thing that you can do is to clear the cache data and delete the recycle bin data. This will help to create some space on the system. After that try running the anti-virus, which will help to eliminate any unwanted virus from the system.
  16. I am having the same problem as artiniddl reported back in february, also with a Ryzen processor. Any word on a fix for this bug?
  17. Hey, I am using Desktop. Been replying through my iPhone since I cannot access this forum as well.
  18. Gentlemen, I’m confused about choosing a garment bag for suits for all occasions, especially short-term business trips! I guess that should be about 50/30/25 cm… requirements are leather, a well-known brand and of course a reasonable price! I am tired of ironing my suits after flights, I don’t want to spend my time on that. What bag do you use? What about this https://coolbagsclub.com/best-garment-bag-for-suits/
  19. Hello, Custom Checkup affect only PC Checkup. If you change settings in Custom Checkup, you will not see these unchecked items in PC Checkup.
  20. Hello, Could you please tell me which is the function of Setting / Custom Checkup? I thought that unchecked items shouldn´t appear in the associated cleaning tools but I saw that these Custom Checkup settings don´t affect the item list nor the results after scanning. I tried unchecking all items or checking all of them and the scanning results for all the respective cleaning tools were the same. I didn´t find enough information in the Help documentation. Thanks
  21. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion. We will improve the description in future version. About 'Optimized response speed of system display', the full explanation is optimizing response speed of the Windows Menu display. The registry key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, MenuShowDelay Default value is 400, and optimized value is 0. You can change the value to 2000, then click Menu and you can understand what is optimizing response speed of the Windows Menu display.
  22. Sorry about that, but there should be the special folder '....' to store hidden file/folder in the USB disk. If there is not, this means there is no hidden folder/files in the USB device. You can try the data recovery software.
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