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  3. up with culmination and veggies and pass the chips and dip and live far from the alcohol. It is likewise a good idea to have a snack this is wealthy in protein earlier than you go away your home and that manner, you will no longer devour like a pig whilst you get to the party. Do not try to starve yourself every and each day.
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  5. I don't think there is any other alternative. I guess it would take alot of your time. Regards.
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  7. Yes, it is generally given with the documentations and you can find over there. Meanwhile, this article here on SC (https://sc-downloader.net/) does kinda relate to you. So have a look, it can help.
  8. I have the latest version and it works fine for me.Thanks for the update.
  9. Hi, Thanks for your feedback, We will fix this issue in next update. Now, please DO NOT clean FireFox Cookies.
  10. Wise Disk Cleaner reset my FF extension settings. I find it is annoying that my Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger extension got reset when I ran Wise Disk Cleaner. Ublock Origin custom settings and rules are gone. Privacy Badger somehow got reset too thinking that I just install it every time I run Wise Disk Cleaner! Here is the setting for Wise Disk Cleaner. I thought Privacy Eraser is the culprit, but it was not until I ran Wise Disk Cleaner and that is when my extensions got reset. Help Please. Windows System System log files, IISLog, Thumbnail Cache, Cache Files of Remote Desktop, Windows Font Cache, Windows Metro Cache, Empty Recycle Bin, Temp Files created by Windows, Temp Files created by Applications, Memory Dump Files. Web Browser Cache Microsoft Edge Cache, Google Chrome Cache, Mozilla FireFox Cache Other Applications Steam, Office 2016, Adobe Flash, VLC Media Player, 7Zip, Game Explorer, MS Office Picture Manager, NVIDIA install files, HandBrake, Battle.Net, Microsoft Security Essential logs and update cache Windows and Applications Traces Run in Start Menu, Recent Documents, Other Explorer MRUs, Windows Searching History, Taskbar Jump Lists Web Browser Trace Everything in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox checked. Windows Components Windows Media Player, Windows WordPad, Windows Defender, Windows Paint, MS Management Console Cookies Microsoft Edge Cookies, Google Chrome Cookies, Mozilla Firefox Cookies, Adobe Flash
  11. The best possible solution would be to clean your PC as it might be running slow which is also slowing down your Internet connection.
  12. Use eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery Software is the best way to remove protection and unlock excel (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .xla, .xlam, .xltm) file password within a second. This tool capable to recover a password combination like lower latter, upper latter, numeric, & symbolic character with the help of Dictionary attack, Brute Force attack, & Mask attack. It gives a FREE DEMO VERSION and supports all Excel versions 97 up to 2019 and Windows 10. Also Recover Word file and Access file password using this tool. Get More Info:- Search On Google eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery
  13. Thank you, I just installed & run it. Now the software can run without a problem.
  14. I am getting the same error. I am on Windows 10 Pro version 1903 build 18362.30 from the insider program.. It only came up this time after the upgrade in version. One more thing, after you click it off, it never finishes checking PC Performance,, just runs and runs Wisecare error.pdf
  15. Thanks for your feedback. Please download and install the debug version below. http://downloads.wisecleaner.com/debug/WGBSetup_debug.exe
  16. Hi there, I got an error prompt everytime I tried to start this program, the error prompt is as follows: Access violation at address 006CB05F in module WiseGameBooster.exe read of address 00000000 What have i tried so far: Uninstalling & Installing the software Running it as administrator vice versa.
  17. Are you still facing any issue? If you router is outdated then change it if it is not too old then you can check here how to resolve this issue. https://192-168-1-1ip.info/
  18. I actually found out that my Avira antivirus had moved it to quarantine, that's why it disappeared, but I restored it, thanks for the reply anyway!
  19. Some of the best anti-malware are: Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition AVG AntiVirus Free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware SpyBot Search & Destroy
  20. Hello From Jetsearh I deleted some of the lists that were searched by * .xls * by going directly to the folder. After that, when you refresh the list, the deleted list still exists. Jetsearch has disabled bare-bones A call to an os function failed will be displayed and will not proceed. Is there a way to keep my deleted files out of the list? Leave your Wisecare questions below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jetsearch was deleted and reinstalled according to the suggested method. I ran Jetsearch with administrator privileges. I tried both methods, but the results were the same The file exists in Jetsearch and the message appears the same when deleting. I am using windows10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wisecleaner 2019-04-02 20:31:21 Hi, Please try this way, uninstall Wise JetSearch then reinstall it. Did Wise Jetsearch cannot delete one file, or it cannot delete any file? Wise JetSearch doesnot have enough permission to delete some file. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2019-04-02 18:03:43 If you try to delete the list using Jetsearch, a message to the call to an os function failed is output. I tried rebooting and refreshing
  21. Please open C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\Wise Folder Hider\, find and run WiseFolderHider.exe And, you can right click on WiseFolderHider.exe, choose Sent to Desktop (create shortcut). Or, you can reinstall wise folder hider to fix this issue.
  22. @vinny53 Did you mean Wise Registry Cleaner save backup file in C:\, not in default folder?
  23. Thanks for your reply, it looks that i must dealing with that
  24. This morning I went to open the WiseFolderHider program to access a hidden folder, but this message came up: "The item 'WiseFolderHider.exe' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly." It was working just fine until now. I did not move or delete the shortcut, and I'm the only one who uses this PC. What the heck happened andwhat do I do? Please tell me I didn't lose all of my hidden files.
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  26. Quando scansiono con la modalità programmata il file viene salvato in C:\ anzichè nella directory di default
  27. Hi, There are 3 possible reasons: 1, If a file was created by a security software (Avast, Norton, and so on), wisecleaner has not enough permission to remove this file. This file is protected by the security software. 2, A certain application will create the file again after wisecleaner remove it. So, you will see same file after a re-scan, but the file's created date is different. 3, A file will be removed after you restart system.
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