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  2. Hello, Sorry, we missed your message. Yes, we have this feature in Wise Care 365 - Common Cleaner.
  3. Hello Kev, Wise Registry Cleaner can back up registry entries automatically before cleaning. Please click Menu - Restore - Registry Restore, select the backup and click Restore. Then reboot the system.
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  5. I ran Wise Registry Cleaner (WRC) two days ago and, since then, my PC will not recognise my Galaxy S10 or connect with it via USB. I cannot find the version of the WRC which I have but it was installed on 16 ‎November ‎2019 and the OS on my PC is Windows 10. I have had no previous problems with my PC connecting to my phone and have no new programmes installed recently. I note that, within the 'Menu' of the WRC there is a 'Restore' button which shows the (only) time which I have used that programme but I am unsure if that will resolve the problem and I am wary to run it just in case. I'd be grateful if anybody could assist with my problem and thank you in anticipation of your advice. Regards, Kev
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  7. Hello, There is a license key registered with your email address alain.veys@gmail.com, but key is out of the date, so you cannot use it anymore. If you have a new key, please send a mail to support@wisecleaner.com, we will check it.
  8. this has worked for me and an new installed w7 1. --> installed KB3020369 2. --> installed KB3042058 restart 3. --> installed KB3125574 (Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup 316 MB) after restart again and update-search i have the update 🙂
  9. this was the update problem during offering windows 10 for upgrade -> in the hole time the update process dont work for windows 7 and vista. but there are some manually updates to install and it works again 1. --> installed KB3020369 2. --> installed KB3042058 restart 3. --> installed KB3125574 (Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup 316 MB) after restart again and update-search i have the update
  10. ... du hast laut deiner beschreibung auf laufwerk c\ 73 gb und auf d\ 75 gb festplatten-speicher. das geht doch garnicht, dass du 73 gb speicherplatz insgesamt auf der c-festplatte hast und nach deiner daten-verschiebe-aktion dann doppelt soviel speicher auf einmal vorhanden ist -> nämlich 132 gb.
  11. i mean it was the update-problem with the spread of windows 10 upgrade... there are some update installings manually to work again but perhaps you have take the given windows 10 upgrade... as i can see in your task bar on the right side below in the corner
  12. @bhula perhaps there are not the right drivers or outdated drivers installed for your laptop? -> go to the manufacturer -> search for your laptop -> download the latest drivers for your OS like w7 in your chase and install it -> restart
  13. I Have the same problem with Wise Care 365 Pro and your solution does not work for me. And I have a valid, purchased licence key. Please HELPPPPPPPPPPP
  14. It typically points to information stored on your device that needs to be refreshed,You can try out these solutions which can help you play movies at once. 1. Visit Netflix.com on a computer 2. Clear the Netflix app data 3. Reinstall the Netflix app 4. use crunchyroll premium instead https://freeaccountsonline.com/free-crunchyroll-premium/
  15. Top Ways To Deal With A Slow Internet Connection Try a new DNS server Increase horsepower Call your ISP Optimise your web for slow connection and check for internet blockers ( https://www.techwhoop.com/internet-blockers/ )
  16. g suite backup tool is much more than just email. It also includes a variety of apps and features that can come in quite handy. In fact, you’re probably already using or are familiar with some of them. Visit here:- http://www.gsuite.backuptool.org/
  17. Updated translation for v5.5.1 Tradução actualizada para a v5.5.1 Luis Neves Portuguese(Portugal).zip
  18. Hi, Which antivirus do you use? You can temporarily disable its real-time protection, then reinstall Wise Care 365 and add Wise Care 365 folder to its exception list (exclusion list/white list), then turn on the real-time protection. The latest version 5.49 is safe, you can download it from http://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365_5.4.9.545.exe
  19. I have a lifetime licence for this version but my anti virus keeps removing it.How do I download it again and stop this from happening?
  20. Hello, First, Wise PC 1st Aid and Wise Care 365 are different products. Wise 1st Aid is used to fix some regular problems that you have received error messages. Wise Care 365 is used to optimize the system and clean disk that can help you fix some potential problems. Second, you can run Wise Care 365 to clean the system every day, but run Wise PC 1stAid only if you get a specific problem.
  21. Hi, Thanks for your feedback and sorry about that. We have contacted Kaspersky and trying to fix this False Positive. Now, please exclude Wise Care 365 from Kaspersky. 1, Right-click on Kaspersky icon in the notification area, and choose Pause protection. 2, Download and reinstall Wise Care 365 version 5.48. http://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365_5.4.8.544.exe 3, Launch Kaspersky and you will the protection is paused. Click the setting icon in the lower-left corner 4, Select "Additional" tab, click "Threats and Exclusions" in the right, then find "Exclusion" section and click "Manage exclusion" 5, Click the button "Add", then click Browse button to find and select Wise Care 365 v5.48 installation file, click "Add" in the bottom to save changes. 6, Repeat step 5, add "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\" to the exclusion list. 7, Turn on Kaspersky protection.
  22. Good Day! I hope All are enjoying a pleasant one. What's the difference between Wise PC 1stAid and Wise Care 365 Pro 3.4.2, and do I need PC 1stAid if I have 365 Pro 3.4.2?? Thanks in Advance, John (BringBackDOS)
  23. Hi, my antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security has identified Wise Care 365 as malicious an has deleted it!!! I have tried to download the last version fron your site, but the result was the same. I wait your reply Claverx
  24. Thank you for the insight. I tried just as you suggested... Several times. Avira would not respect the exceptions list. Given Avira's bloat and resource drag, this issue was the last straw for me. I switched to another antivirus program and am running again with Wise Care 365.
  25. I have been using Wise 365 for some time now but today McAfee has blocked access to the program and removed the link. It also insists that downloads from you site are unsafe.
  26. Hello, Sorry about that. We are working to fix this issue. Please add Wise Care 365 to the exclusion list of Windows Defender. 1, Temporarily turn off the protection of Windows Defender 2, Reinstall or restore Wise Care 365 from the Quarantine of Windows Defender 3, Add C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\ and C:\Program Files\Wise\ to the exclusion list. 4, Turn on the protection of Windows Defender. If you don't know how to exclude WiseCleaner from scanning, please tell me your OS information and Windows Defender version.
  27. Hello, Sorry about that. Before releasing the latest version 5.47, we uploaded the installer to Virustotal.com for analyzing, and it was clean. We are trying to contact Avira to fix this issue. Now, please exclude Wise Care 365 from scanning. 1, Open Avira, and temporarily turn off the Real-Time protection. 2, Reinstall Wise Care 365. 3, Click the settings symbol in the lower-left corner of Avira Antivirus. 4, Click PC Protection → Exceptions. 5, In "File and Folders to be ignored by System Scanner and Real-Time Protection" area, add C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\ 6, Click OK to save the configuration. 7, Turn on Real-Time Protection. Note Since the exceptions for the “System Scanner” and “Real-Time Protection” must be configured separately, please select the corresponding module in the left panel. Search and add files or processes you want to be skipped by the Real-Time Protection or System Scanner and Real-Time Protection.
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