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  3. I am having the same problem as artiniddl reported back in february, also with a Ryzen processor. Any word on a fix for this bug?
  4. Hey, I am using Desktop. Been replying through my iPhone since I cannot access this forum as well.
  5. Gentlemen, I’m confused about choosing a garment bag for suits for all occasions, especially short-term business trips! I guess that should be about 50/30/25 cm… requirements are leather, a well-known brand and of course a reasonable price! I am tired of ironing my suits after flights, I don’t want to spend my time on that. What bag do you use? What about this https://coolbagsclub.com/best-garment-bag-for-suits/
  6. Hello, Custom Checkup affect only PC Checkup. If you change settings in Custom Checkup, you will not see these unchecked items in PC Checkup.
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  8. Hello, Could you please tell me which is the function of Setting / Custom Checkup? I thought that unchecked items shouldn´t appear in the associated cleaning tools but I saw that these Custom Checkup settings don´t affect the item list nor the results after scanning. I tried unchecking all items or checking all of them and the scanning results for all the respective cleaning tools were the same. I didn´t find enough information in the Help documentation. Thanks
  9. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion. We will improve the description in future version. About 'Optimized response speed of system display', the full explanation is optimizing response speed of the Windows Menu display. The registry key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, MenuShowDelay Default value is 400, and optimized value is 0. You can change the value to 2000, then click Menu and you can understand what is optimizing response speed of the Windows Menu display.
  10. Sorry about that, but there should be the special folder '....' to store hidden file/folder in the USB disk. If there is not, this means there is no hidden folder/files in the USB device. You can try the data recovery software.
  11. For clarity. I only hid the main folder on the drive. Thanks.
  12. Hi, The old PC is no longer functional. All that shows when I expand the drive volume are two \$Recycle.bin files and a System volume information file. I don't find any other file. Thank you.
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  15. Hello, Your problem is that you hide the USB device before, but now Wise Folder Hider doesn't recognize it on the new PC. Have you tried it on the old PC? If it doesn't work, please try: 1, Download and run this tool: http://www.wisecleaner.com/tools/DelFHPath.exe 2, Expand the USB drive, then you will see a special folder named '....' 3, Continue expanding until you see hidden files 4, Right-click on the hidden file and choose Move to, then save the file on a new location.
  16. Hello, Sorry about it. Please try this link: http://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365_5.3.9.536.exe
  17. I have a new Windows 10 Machine. I installed Wise folder Hider. When I plug in my USB drives they don't show up in the list. How do I get the software to recognize drives that have been previously hidden?
  18. Hi All, I have 2 x WISE CARE PRO lifetime licesnes and need to install to a new PC, My download link has expired now and I do not want to use softonic as they usually install a load of their own crap in the background - at least that is my experience of them. Is there a mirror to just the wisecare 365 software please ? Or perhaps anyone can say for a 100% certainty that there is nothing else bundled in the softonic donwnloads? Ta Stu
  19. I usually don't trust these system enhancement magic tools, but Registry Cleaner seems legit if I go by the descriptions alone. Still, even if it is, these descriptions are too vague for me to know if the changes it makes are something I want. Is there anywhere I can see what exactly each of the options entails? For instance, the "set Windows Explorer components to run in separate processes" is clear enough. But what exactly is optimized and in which way for "Optimized response speed of system display"? Same thing with all the other vague options.
  20. I have a pdf file i need to unlocked how can i unlock my pdf please help me
  21. Hi, Thanks for the good suggestions. I will forward it to the developer team.
  22. To solve the issue of Word or Excel not open properly while performing some important tasks, just follow the steps given below: 1) With the help of Open and Repair tab, you can repair your files. 2) Data Extraction is also the other way to solve the problem of Word or Excel filed not opening properly. 3) By utilizing Microsoft Office Tools, you can get rid of this problem. Source: http://www.repairmsexcel.com/blog/repair-corrupt-excel-workbook
  23. Hello, I saw that Wise Care 365 has the function of cleaning all user accounts only for the Registry Cleaner tool. The question is: Are in your plans to update Wise Care 365 to work on all user account for all kinds of cleaning aside from the Registry Cleaner? (example: Common Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, and the rest of tools where all user accounts have something to fix or delete) Thanks
  24. I am also not able to access the network . It seems that theserver is down or something . Anyone please help..!!
  25. One solution is Download youtube videos to iphone, read https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/iphone/download-youtube-videos-iphone-ipad-3636901/, to verify if your problem is the internet connection, your mobile data may have run out. The other is to verify if the youtube app you have installed is the most updated, if not, update your app
  26. I have some problems broadcasting videos on my iphone I have read that they can be due to many reasons. An error has occurred. Playback error Touch to try again. The connection to the server has been lost. This video is unavailable. Something has failed. Touch to try again. What I can do?
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  28. To reduce the size of a file you can use an online convert to reduce the size of your files. You can read download online videos in the following information: https://www.vidpaw.com/blog/savefrom-net.html
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