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  2. Hello, First, Wise PC 1st Aid and Wise Care 365 are different products. Wise 1st Aid is used to fix some regular problems that you have received error messages. Wise Care 365 is used to optimize the system and clean disk that can help you fix some potential problems. Second, you can run Wise Care 365 to clean the system every day, but run Wise PC 1stAid only if you get a specific problem.
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  4. Hi, Thanks for your feedback and sorry about that. We have contacted Kaspersky and trying to fix this False Positive. Now, please exclude Wise Care 365 from Kaspersky. 1, Right-click on Kaspersky icon in the notification area, and choose Pause protection. 2, Download and reinstall Wise Care 365 version 5.48. http://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365_5.4.8.544.exe 3, Launch Kaspersky and you will the protection is paused. Click the setting icon in the lower-left corner 4, Select "Additional" tab, click "Threats and Exclusions" in the right, then find "Exclusion" section and click "Manage exclusion" 5, Click the button "Add", then click Browse button to find and select Wise Care 365 v5.48 installation file, click "Add" in the bottom to save changes. 6, Repeat step 5, add "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\" to the exclusion list. 7, Turn on Kaspersky protection.
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  6. Good Day! I hope All are enjoying a pleasant one. What's the difference between Wise PC 1stAid and Wise Care 365 Pro 3.4.2, and do I need PC 1stAid if I have 365 Pro 3.4.2?? Thanks in Advance, John (BringBackDOS)
  7. Hi, my antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security has identified Wise Care 365 as malicious an has deleted it!!! I have tried to download the last version fron your site, but the result was the same. I wait your reply Claverx
  8. Thank you for the insight. I tried just as you suggested... Several times. Avira would not respect the exceptions list. Given Avira's bloat and resource drag, this issue was the last straw for me. I switched to another antivirus program and am running again with Wise Care 365.
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  10. I have been using Wise 365 for some time now but today McAfee has blocked access to the program and removed the link. It also insists that downloads from you site are unsafe.
  11. Hello, Sorry about that. We are working to fix this issue. Please add Wise Care 365 to the exclusion list of Windows Defender. 1, Temporarily turn off the protection of Windows Defender 2, Reinstall or restore Wise Care 365 from the Quarantine of Windows Defender 3, Add C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\ and C:\Program Files\Wise\ to the exclusion list. 4, Turn on the protection of Windows Defender. If you don't know how to exclude WiseCleaner from scanning, please tell me your OS information and Windows Defender version.
  12. Hello, Sorry about that. Before releasing the latest version 5.47, we uploaded the installer to Virustotal.com for analyzing, and it was clean. We are trying to contact Avira to fix this issue. Now, please exclude Wise Care 365 from scanning. 1, Open Avira, and temporarily turn off the Real-Time protection. 2, Reinstall Wise Care 365. 3, Click the settings symbol in the lower-left corner of Avira Antivirus. 4, Click PC Protection → Exceptions. 5, In "File and Folders to be ignored by System Scanner and Real-Time Protection" area, add C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\ 6, Click OK to save the configuration. 7, Turn on Real-Time Protection. Note Since the exceptions for the “System Scanner” and “Real-Time Protection” must be configured separately, please select the corresponding module in the left panel. Search and add files or processes you want to be skipped by the Real-Time Protection or System Scanner and Real-Time Protection.
  13. I tried rolling back to 5.4.6. Same issue. Absolute pain and time consuming to deal with. Please address as soon as possible.
  14. Win10 (64) machine with Avira. Have Wise Care 365 Pro license and *HAD* version 5.4.7 installed. Avira quarantined Wise Care 365. I tried to remove the file from quarantine, but it would not properly restore. I then tried uninstalling WiseCare, rebooting, then reinstalling. Avira quarantined the install file. I restored the install file and marked it so Avira would ignore. Now during install I receive this popup: I also tried running as administrator; no luck. Very frustrating. Please advise.
  15. Windows defender show history after taking wise antimalware and wise care 365 to quarantine. screenshot
  16. Hello, Thanks for your feedback. 1, Which version of Wise Folder Hider did you use? 2, Which feature did you use, Hide File, Hider Folder, or Hide USB drive?
  17. I just updated with the new version and found the WFH won't select except the first drive. For example, I have two USB drives, G and H. Both of the drives are shown up on the selection menu, but I can't select drive H. However, it works if I type manually. Please fix it in the next update. Thanks!
  18. That is a good question. In the current version (1.35), Wise Duplicate Finder doesn't show a report (or a message) that the deletion is finished. But, the scan result will refresh after deleting. I will forward your question to the developer team. Maybe they can improve it in the next version.
  19. Hi there, I have a question about Wise Duplicate finder, how can you tell that it has worked and has deleted the files? I don't receive a notification, so I am unsure if it has worked or not? Thank you
  20. Thank you for this utility. It is very handy. I'd like to suggest one change: 1) Add a button that can clicked to make an alphabetical order of the various voices. Thanks for considering!
  21. Thanks for your feedback. We will check this issue soon.
  22. I have this bug for so much time and i requested in the past a fix but did not get a reply. when i install wise folder hider, free or pro, my ram would start to raise slowly and after some time it will eat my whole ram. i still have this bug in v.4.3.2. I searched with a program and detected that wisefs64.sys eats all my ram in time. it happened this bug at lease with 2 prior versions of wise folder. I am using windows10 x64 with latest stable updates everytime, on a laptop lenovo g580(20150) with 8gb ram. Right now i unninstalled wise folder but please fix the leak.
  23. Hi! I use Avast Antivirus Free. It has a comfortable user interface, and that's more important the program detected network virus and successfully remove it. Here is an updated top list of similar software of 2019-2020 https://thinkmobiles.com/blog/best-anti-spyware/, if you're interested in it.
  24. Thanks issue fixed on this laptop. The only thing I did was replaced the HDD to SSD then I got this issue.
  25. I Updated the link, please try this http://www.wisecleaner.com/tools/DelFHPath.zip
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